British Airways launching wireless luggage tag with e-paper display: British Airways will introduce reusable luggage tags with Kindle-like e-paper displays next year. After checking in online, passengers will be able to use the BA app to create a luggage tag for… via tumblr Advertisements

thingsthatwegoogleatwork: Air Asia Billboard Brilliant via tumblr

The house that is a 3D illusion via tumblr

Fire With Fire: Beating Cancer using HIV: Who would dare to pit one fatal disease against another& inside the body of an six-year-old patient? The results will shatter all expectations. Science is amazing via tumblr

A new wheel named the ‘Shark Wheel’ is said to be the future of skateboard wheels and has caused a stir amongst the longboarding community. The wheel is SQUARE to sight but is said to run extremely smoothly. It has recieved $58,000 to date of a $10,000 ask on kickstarter. Take a look:

Signs are starting to arise of the sites that we use most, that became so popular because they were free, starting to introduce charge’s for features.  Facebook introduced a pay to message service, for messaging celebrities. With users being charged up to $11 for the service. Youtube is now said to be introducing a charge […]