Is #photoe the new #selfie , and no thats not a spelling mistake

#whatawaytospendtheday #itookitwithmytoe #photoe

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Has this man changed the way we take photos of ourself?

The selfie wasn’t a new concept when it became a social epidemic, it has been around since the beginning of photography. The first known selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839, however, it was clear that for some the extension of the arm just wasn’t enough, they just couldn’t fit it all in.

This led to the development of the selfie stick, a stick that is longer than an arm. The selfie stick enabled users to fit their whole face into a photo and sometimes even other faces or maybe even some scenery. This was an innovation that slightly changed the angle that we looked at faces online.

But it is the #photoe by @yodacook of instagram that I believe will change the angle we see faces once more, by leading a viral revolution through the use of the toe to take a photo. An extremity whose use is uncommon within the photography world. A sad day for those who enjoy a sneaky foot creeping into those more vertical #selfies. Its all ankles up from today, But a great day for photography!

So get out there and use the #photoe, your friends will be amazed!


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