Homeless, Unemployed and Surviving on Bitcoins

Homeless, Unemployed and Surviving on Bitcoins

‘Homeless, Unemployed and Surviving on Bitcoins’ is a recent article in wired magazine which I urge you to read.

This article is truly inspiring and is just another piece of evidence that these are the years that will change society and the physical world around us as we know it. This is the digital revolution. Most of my writings and links to other people’s articles demonstrate this, but this article in particular written by Daniela Hernandez has amazed me.

The move away from tangible currency to the Bitcoin is a topic of great interest to me, and I have often looked at purchasing bitcoins myself but have been worried of the risks and the difficulty behind buying and selling them. To find that the homeless in Florida are using them to survive and as a source of regular income really depicts this revolution for me. I can only hope that this is spread and more shelters and charities for the homeless think in this future manner.



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