Has this man changed the way we take photos of ourself? The selfie wasn’t a new concept when it became a social epidemic, it has been around since the beginning of photography. The first known selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839, however, it was clear that for some the extension of the arm […]

Amazon’s recent press release announcing the testing of their new Octocopters, the home delivery service that can get an ordered item of up to 5lbs to you within 30mins has astounded many, myself included. I was aware of the technology and have seen Raffaello D’Andrea’s demonstration of the astounding technology that is within quadcopters, however […]

‘Homeless, Unemployed and Surviving on Bitcoins’ is a recent article in wired magazine which I urge you to read. This article is truly inspiring and is just another piece of evidence that these are the years that will change society and the physical world around us as we know it. This is the digital revolution. […]

When past teachings can be brought up within an instant there is no longer a need for knowledge, but more a need for creativity and strategical thinking in order to find answers to problems, with the aid of previous theories and knowledge. Do not teach to recall data but teach to use data to innovate. […]

Live Stream: There’s a Massive Demonstration in Tahrir Square Happening Right Now | VICE United States: Egypt’s embattled president, Mohammed Morsi, defied a military ultimatum to address concerns voiced by millions of protesters who have taken to the streets in recent days. Today a gigantic crowd has a… via tumblr http://georgestreets.tumblr.com/post/54521066385

In South Korea, ‘flying store’ offers wifi and online shopping: The Emart supermarket has created a wifi-based flying store, enabling those within its range to buy products online. via tumblr http://georgestreets.tumblr.com/post/54019040106

boumbang: L’image du jour © Joost Goudriaan, Chesterfield Park Bench, 2010 via tumblr http://georgestreets.tumblr.com/post/54018664664